Our quality policy


The CFPMB opted for a quality management system based on a process approach, to respond with maximum efficiency to the needs of our customers. We chose to go into a progressive approach focused on four objectives:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction
    Our objective is to build a curriculum and develop and organise training programs that meet our customers’ needs and expectations; we ensure that we provide the latest updated and relevant information (we are the providers of technological and regulatory monitoring for the industry …).
  • Improve our individual and collective performances 
    Every employee has an important role to play
  • Preserve Health and safety = the No 1 priority 
    We ensure security and safety of people and property. We manage the environmental impact of our facilities, operations and services.
  • Monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of our management system 
    It allows us to satisfy customer needs to standardize procedures, detect and treat any abnormalities with greater responsiveness.