Pastries and baking


Equipment use and mastery of pastry manufacturing techniques

Pastries and baking techniques constantly evolve as do taste and product development. In order to respect customer needs, CFPMT offers a dedicated pastry training programme conceived and hosted by our pastry chef Nicolas DEMARCQ, who is a real expert on the subject. This module gives participants the opportunity to revisit the classics and also be creative and innovative.

This course has been specifically designed for Bakers and Pastry Chefs who wish to evolve in one of the most lucrative sectors and direct their career plans to small, medium or large scale operations (shop, catering, events, hotels and restaurants, retailers etc.). We offer you the opportunity to diversify your product line, enhance the your taste sense, customise artisanal pastries, perfect your design, and improve profitability.



Training provided by CFPMT covers:

  • How to increase traditional pastries skills
  • How to select raw materials
  • How to apply the different methods of making dough and master the various stages of manufacture: (Kneading, Rest time, Shaping, Detailing, Cooking)
  • How to optimise time management thanks to appropriate working methods adapted to the configuration
  • How to manage the inventory, minimise waste by streamlining production
  • How to develop the turnover and reduce inventories