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Tangible recognition in 2014

The training centre is certified ISO 9001 (since 2011); the label allowed us to established a strong organizational base. Thanks to this reference, we can measure your satisfaction with precision, and better meet your needs.

In 2014, 856 trainees submitted their customer satisfaction survey, concerning the quality of services provided by the centre. The CFPMT thus obtained a great score:


Overall Satisfaction

Performance and customer overall satisfaction

Training leading to employment

Regarding initial training, 77% of apprentices in the last session found a job (according to the survey conducted six months after graduation).

Tangible evidence of progress

We systematically track and measure learner progress and, if necessary, we also provide OEMs all the factual elements that allow them to assess the return on investment (see below for an example of test concerning yield and productivity)

Rendement horaire

  • Weight (kg)

Number of tests (1 à 7)
Saithe 500/1000
Filet S/P S/F

Objective : 30 kg/h
Maximum Productivity : 33,3 kg/h

Undisputed market leader with retailers

In 2014, no less than 62,650 hours of continuing training were provided, including 36,844 dedicated to powerful retailers located in France (Auchan, Cora, Leclerc, Carrefour, Intermarché, Système U) but also in Europe (Delhaize, Migros, Cactus).

Actions in favor of sustainable development

The CFPMB acst in favour of community involvement and has adopted a CSR approach since 2013. The centre is especially efficient and renowned in the following areas:

Environment, through work or actions in order to educate, preserve and improve our ecosystems

  • Decrease of 39% in gas consumption since 2012 (from 13 300 to 8 081 m3)
  • Recycling
  • Cleaning beaches in partnership with the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer
  • Presence detectors
  • Building Monitoring and evaluation

The centre is registered at the CNIL (national commission on informatics and liberties); we ensure that your data is protected, and therefore guarantee complete discretion.

The CFPMT continues working with local producers and has established close working relationships with companies and local actors who also respect basic ethical principles.

Trainings the trainers

In order to provide the best services available, the centre has greatly invested on internal training. Over the past three years, the CFPMT spent € 30,000 dedicated to training, using its own funds