Cheese products


Cheese products knowledge: Initiation and improvement training programmes

The CFPMT is also involved in the dairy sector, another dominant sector of the Agri-food industry, and offers training related to Cheese. The cheese workshops are delivered by a very renowned cheese maker: Romain OLIVIER.

Romain has always been passionate about cheese and grew up in the business, being the fourth generation cheese maker in his family. In 2006, he decided to take over the family business, an institution respected for over a century and whose parent company is located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

Now head of the company with more than twenty employees, his time is divided between the managing his three retail outlets, export sales, creating outstanding buffets, and the training  he delivers at the CFPMT and all over the world.

Very attached to the French cheese culture, Romain works tirelessly to restore the traditions and to perpetuate French know-how.

The training delivered at the CFPMT is divided into two sessions

The knowledge

  • The making
  • Refining
  • Taste
  • History of Cheese
  • The terroir and AOC Cheese (label certifications)
  • The place of cheese in French gastronomy
  • The culture of cheese in the world

The practice

  • Introduction to wine tasting, olfactory recognition
  • Tasting of cheese references from each terroir
  • Soft Cheese vs mature Cheese
  • How to marry cheese and food
  • How to marry cheese and wine