Mastery of regulations and processes inherent to EHS: Environment / Hygiene / Quality

Our CFPMT experts design programmes to prevent Health and Safety risks, adapted to your company. We determine your needs in these areas and enforce adherence to laws.

Damien LEFRERE, our EHS manager, supervises the implementation of the regulations for hygiene, quality and the environment. Damien has acquired solid experience working closely with large industrial groups and major retailers.

His courses contribute towards making your employees competent in Health and Safety, help you avoid the financial costs of damaged products, lost production and so on, taking in consideration the company goals, constraints, and the specifications demanded by the client.

Examples of courses available at the CFPMT

  • Food safety and food hygiene course (risks, food allergens, parasitology)
  • Code of practice for fish and fishery products
  • Hygiene Enhancement (harbour’s wharfs, vessels, kitchens)
  • EHS
  • HACCP based procedures and other hygiene control measures
  • Environment (eco-friendly gestures, environmental awareness and education
  • Food safety management systems and certification
  • Labelling, traceability

The environment: a key concept.

Our center is ISO9001 certified and labelled ESR. We have integrated a self regulation corporate business model and our principles will also help you sustain and improve your competitiveness, by adopting an environmental approach. We provide a “responsible management” approach which is an excellent tool that will allow you to mobilise your teams.