Products, Jobs and Agribusiness knowledge

This series of training are dedicated to the sectors knowledge, how business works: from production to marketing.

As experienced specialists, we are fully aware of the latest regulation changes (the need to identify the different species, sizes, templates, standards related to labelling, etc.)

Our training programmes are “proactive“; we have designed teaching tools that offer participants the opportunity to learn in a fun way (digital slideshows for recognition of species, quizzes, etc.)

As part of our training, we organise themed tours in collaboration with our partner companies (discovery of fishing vessels, 1st and 2nd processing plants, wholesalers, salters / smokers, gardeners etc.)

The training we deliver at CFPMT are (amongst others):

  • Species Identification
  • Quality assessment and freshness of products. E.g. organoleptic tests made according to the EU trading scheme for fish.
  • Resource management, seasonal products, sustainable development etc.
  • Impact of technical and production patterns on the environment and product quality.