Professional butchery training programme


Professional butchery training programme

Whether you are a specialist (buyer, processor, manufacturer and trader) or work in the industry (artisanal butchers, abattoirs, markets, and industrial enterprises) our training center is able to meet your needs.

We strive to design an “à la carte” programme, according to the themes you want to address and projects you would wish to achieve.

Our training modules are located in attractive and well equipped laboratories that meet the hygiene and safety standards, and select the best professionals and trainers available (eg MOF) to guarantee an optimum level of service.

The main topics addressed during the training at the CFPMT are:

  • Supply, Storage
    How to choose and store the products with care
  • Animal anatomy
  • Technical know-how
    Specific tools (air guns, knives, shears, saws …), devices (mincing machines, embossing, equipment for cooking, cooling, preparation, etc.) knives (different shapes and sizes rigid or flexible blades)
  • Product processing
    How to improve your cutting techniques, cutting, boning, separation, trimming, peeling, piecing and tying products
  • Food Safety and Hygiene
    Hygiene rules, preservation methods, meat traceability and safety rules at work.
  • Preparation of ‘Meals’
    Extend your range of meat preparation (stuffed roasts, stuffed chicken, meatballs, kebabs, etc.)
  • Sales
    How to guide the customer, and offer the best advice concerning courses, side dishes and drinks (wine etc.)