Fishmonger and specialist training


Fishmonger and specialist training

Whether you are a fishmonger, an independent retailer, a qualified department manager or an employee operating on a tidal range in supermarkets, the CFPMT is able to support you in your professional approach.

Thanks to on our expertise, participants will benefit from our pedagogy and knowledge concerning aquatic products. Course attendees will learn how best to present their produce on a stall, give culinary advice, and implicate an effective management method adapted to products which are by their own nature particularly sensitive and require specific skills.

Training programs that we offer can include the following themes:

  • How to control the quality of the goods
  • How to cut fish safely and efficiently (heading, scaling, gutting, cutting, as well as threading fish, roasting preparation etc.)
  • How to layout a stall and make it look attractive
  • How to provide cooking tips, give advice on season availability and give the best quality of service available
  • How to apply the different hygiene rules.